Health & Safety Protocol

It is very important that we stay safe and we maintain high standards of safety and keep social distancing measures in place as we begin to reopen the economy.

In order to safely return to the new normal and keep our employees, members and customers safe we have implemented new safety measures.

These measures we take will change and ease/evolve as the State makes progress as a whole.  (Last updated May 27, 2020).

Please see below for details.

Are you limiting occupancy?

To promote social distancing, we will be operating at 50% of our capacity.

Will you continue to host parties?

To prevent groups of 10 or more people congregating, party hostings will  be suspended until further notice. - Scheduled parties during this period will be automatically cancelled and refunded. - All party Bays and rooms will be closed off until further notice.

What other safety measures are you implementing?

  1. All guests will be temperature checked at point of entry at the hand sanitizing station.
  2. All persons ages 4 and up must wear a face covering, except when they are actively jumping.
    (Anyone without a face covering will be required to purchase a face mask at the sanitation station set up at the entry point for entry.)
  3. One-person-per-trampoline/equipment rule will be strictly enforced for proper social distancing measures (including larger trampolines: dodgeball, tumbletreks).
  4. The park will be thoroughly disinfected every night - during operating hours, our staff will go around hourly wiping down commonly used areas.
  5. All jumpers MUST wear trampoline socks. (You may bring grip socks for use, or purchase socks at the front desk).

What if I have a fever?

All persons will be temperature checked at the entry point. Anyone with fever (or anyone deemed to endanger the safety of our guests and employees) will not be granted entry and will be asked to asked to come back at a later time, at our sole discretion.

When will you resume hosting parties?

We will continue to monitor Federal and our State progress in fighting the pandemic. At a time when the State regulation allows small groups to congregate, we will review the conditions and when we feel it is safe to bring the parties back, we will resume taking party reservations. 


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