To maintain reliable level of safety for all jumpers on the court, we restrict usage of the court as follows:

Grip socks are required - Jumpers have the option to jump in clean trampoline/wrestling shoes, or jump in Grip Socks. No other socks or shoes are allowed on any equipment on the court. Xplozone grips socks are sold for $3.46 + tax and they can be reused on future visits.

Everyone going on the court MUST read and understand all rules. Rules are posted throughout the trampoline park and on the website. Make sure you watch the safety video before you enter the Xplozone playing field.


Patron Responsibility Codes:

Trampoline Court Rules

Foam Pit Rules


Xplozone Trampoline Park also has safety videos, signs and patron responsibility codes displayed throughout the facility. There are also field monitors monitoring the safety of our patrons. Xplozone also has a field supervisor at all times making sure our monitors are performing their safety duties to our facility safety codes. Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions at the reception desk at any time.